Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Run! Escape! I'm re-addicted

I've gotten back into playing RuneScape again. For the third time. But now the whole game is updated with better graphics, skills, etc. It just might lure me into becoming a paying member.

*sigh* RuneScape wasn't why my dad bought me this new laptop. It's so cute! A li'l 12-inch iBook. My first Mac, except for the old Powerbook my boyfriend's sister has been loaning me for the past year. (My sister even more recently just bought an old Mac computer from her ex-boyfriend; she had also wanted a Mac laptop, but Dad made her get a PC.) I think Dad's a bit mystified as to why both my sister and I prefer Macs to PCs though we've been raised as PC users. I think the reason why Dad finally consented to get me a Mac was because of the free iPod Mini that came with it. (Unbeknownst to me, he was planning on giving it to my sister 'cuz she lost her Shuffle.) I come back home the day after buying the computer, and Dad's already downloaded 100 songs into the iPod and wearing it while doing stuff around the ranch. He says he didn't think he would like iPods, but now I wonder if my sister willl ever get it....

I guess I wouldn't have used the iPod Mini much anyway. But I wish I would've known that someone else was going to get it before I began getting attached to it after opening the box.