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TBF: Abortion

My friend Brian has been doing this column he calls "The Brian Factor" where he writes a long essay on a controversial topic, posts it on his MySpace blog and emails it to a bunch of his friends and other interested parties. Every other Friday he does this, and every installment is followed the next week by "Echoes of the Factor" in which he compiles the responses he received on the previous topic.

I responded frequently and at length. While I don't have his permission to post his words, I decided to post my responses (mainly so I don't lose track of editorials/rants I've written) and anyone is welcome to read and comment.

Since TBF is distributed to young adults in the San Fran Bay Area, my writing will tend be informal and my rants less objective than I usually try to be. Some of the more personal things I wrote I took out of this post because they are things I'd rather not share with the general public.

June 15. Topic: Abortion.
What really pisses me off about this issue is the people who argue on the pro-life side. Sure, most of them are normal and intelligent people, but it's the most politically and religiously powerful and the violently demonstrative people who get the most air time. These people are all either insane, ignorant, or untrustworthy. Some, of course, are all three.

First of all: most of the anti-abortion protestors who bomb clinics and threaten the lives of doctors are male. Hypocrites. Being pro-life and trying to kill and hurt people is a contradiction. It's irrational, *you* are irrational and, therefore, insane.

The rich and conservative white men (who have an ungodly and unconstitutional amount of political power) are misogynist bastards too. Sure, you guys can have an opinion, but it should carry less weight than those of women in the matter of women's rights and health. You can have equal influence on these issues once you grow ovaries and a uterus. This applies not only to abortion but to birth control, cervical cancer, and other female health issues. Like those men who justify the deaths of 300,000 women per year from vaccine-preventable HPV because "a drug that prevents a STD just encourages women to have sex." That's bullshit. You men are the ones who have the more unmanageable sex drives. If you men could control yourselves, get your tubes tied, or get mental help for that sex addiction, then rape and the resulting abortions would no longer be a problem. And you want to prolong your obsession with sex! *Viagra* causes more sex than the availability of birth control pills! You old guys need to figure out and accept that there's more to being human and a man than your virility. Seems you want to have the virility of male rabbits. Is being like a rabbit the most important achievement?

The powerful men seem to have an aversion to consistency. A fetus has a right to live. A young man has a duty to die in a war. The "rights" of a tadpole with human DNA takes precedence over a woman who already five kids, no husband, and three minimum wage jobs. If human life is so important, then shouldn't you be encouraging social programs that protect and enrich lives? If you conservative Washington fat-cats really had intelligence and integrity you would be sponsoring post-natal health care, school programs, free lunches, the raising of minimum wage, social security, welfare, free clinics, etc.

They are obviously not pro-life. Instead they are perpetuating sexism, racism, and classism. It's single women and immigrants and the chronically unemployed who suffer the most.

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At 12:46 PM, Blogger Kevin said...


I wish you would have made these separate posts and spread them out over several days, because there's much too respond to!

But, I'm just going to keep it simple and brief, and respond with one small point to your abortion rant.

It really is too bad that there has been such inaccurate and unfair stereotyping from both sides of the issue. When it comes to talking about the issue of abortion, too often we resort to stereotyping rather than addressing the issue: is it okay to kill unborn babies?

It's not about controlling women, and it's not about men on a power trip. Maybe there are people like that, but the people I know and read who are pro-life are not like that. My fiancee is not like that. I'm not like that.

We can't pollute the air with all of these other arguments and stereotypes because that prevents us from discussing the central issue. I do not believe it is healthy for a society to kill millions of babies each year. Not only is this practice unhealthy for society it is terribly unjust.

The death penalty and war and the price of beans in China are important issues, but should each be discussed separately.


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