Thursday, April 13, 2006

I've obviously read way too much philosophy

I received a comment which quite impressed me:

At 12:10 PM, Alcuin Bramerton said...
I want insane fangirl ramblings. I demand my rights.

And you talk about "real-world acquaintances." Which real-world is this? How veridical is your real-world illusion? Do you expect me to believe that you've escaped the matrix? Get real.

So, here is a insane rambling by a girl in response to the Catholic scholar who is (ostensibly) from Bramerton.

First of all, mad props for using the word "veridical"! I had to look it up, which is a rare thing.

Now, a tentative definition for "real-world":
n. A plane of existence which is experienced through the physical and nonphysical senses and mental interpretation of an individual. (i.e. "Me". My individual consciousness. Or "You", a consciousness which is not "mine" but which *presumably* exists.) Populated by an infinite number of beings each with their own consciousness. A shared physical (e.g. place, location, tangibility, three-dimensional object-filled) and nonphysical (e.g. beliefs, interpersonal systems, communication, ideas) reality.

A note: I cannot know for sure if you, or anyone or -thing else who is not me, are also real beings or objects. I cannot know if this "real-world" is not merely a dream and that nothing, including my perception of myself, exists. But I must follow the premise that I exist because it is impossible for me to do otherwise- "cogito, ergo sum", and all that. I choose to accept the premise that there are other cognizant persons and animals with which I share this reality, because that is my nature. Even if you all are just figments created by my subconscious, it is my nature to treat everyone as if you are all thinking and existing beings, each of whom is approximately as important to the universe as I. If I didn't treat other people with respect and faith in their existence, then I'd be a sociopath and my subconscious (if not the real world) would make me suffer the consequences that exist (or exist in my mind).

In short, if this is all a dream and nobody but myself exists, it is still in my best interest to treat others as real beings because dreaming myself as suffering the consequences of harming others would be a lot less fun than dreaming about playing with puppies.

The Internet (a.k.a. the Web, Cyberspace, etc.) is, admittedly, a nonphysical reality. But, unlike the real-world, has no tangible objects. You may argue that computers and servers and network hubs, et cetera are physical representations of the 'Net, but you would be wrong; they are merely the physical means of interfacing (a very ironic word) with this nonphysical reality.

When I refer to "real-life acquaintances" I am referring to people I have encountered in the physical realm of this reality. People that I have encountered solely on the 'Net are not real-life acquaintances because I have not met them as corporeal beings. From my perspective, you may not exist at all in the real-world; you could be a virus or other type of computer program designed to output random messages to random users for no purpose other than to provoke emotions and reactions from said users. (No offense.) The message from you (which I have incorporated into the text above) provoked feelings of amusement, challenge, skepticism, and curiosity and has resulted in this response.

Oh, and also I found you're demand to "get real" extremely funny in the context of your message.

Any other questions?

Have a nice day. And my compliments to those consciousnesses who have read this entire thing.



At 6:05 AM, Blogger Alcuin Bramerton said...

Do the puppies know that you're dreaming of playing with them?

I expect that they are pink puppies.


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