Sunday, January 22, 2006

Am I coining the term "Neo-Puritanical"? Eh, whatever. It's 3 am and I feel smart.

It seems that our country is becoming a majority of neo-Puritans. With the majority of national political power lying primarily in conservative right-wingers' hands, there's been a push toward Christian morals and old-fashioned values; women are on the verge of having the fate of their bodies put into the government's hands, homosexuals are losing the ground they've gained in the last few decades, and privacy laws are getting more restrictive. I admit that my perspective has been, to a good extent, shaped by the society I've grown up in- liberal California- but the fact is that American society is regressing.

It's probably- hopefully- a cyclical thing; I mean, I'm extremely new at following politics. And I actually don't read too much of the news, skipping over the "fluff" and elaborate details of stories. I read the major headlines every day and turn on the news at least every other day, but I'm mainly interested in the effects the government is having on society and groups of people. Minorities' rights, for instance; justice for white-collar criminals; sweatshop and slave labor; religious and ethnic persecution; citizens' responses to crises; that kind of stuff. And while I know Alito's nomination and the Abrahamoff scandal affects all this, but those affairs don't hang over my head and influence my daily life. At least not yet.

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