Thursday, March 09, 2006

Black.White.- A unique look at racism

The new FX show of two families trading races premiered last night. I was telling Curtis about it this morning at breakfast, and this black guy I had talked to once, Chris, was sitting at the table. He had seen it, too, so we talked about it for a bit. We both agreed that the white man was an ass.

Something that Chris said that kinda surprised me was that people who think they're all understanding and open-minded (like the white man and woman) are the worst. I had had vague thoughts along that line before; the people who think that they understand what my life is like (shrinks, especially, in my experience) piss me off. I guess it's because they tend to give off self-righteous vibes like they're always congratulating themselves about their open-mindedness. This type of person, I think, feels more entitled to criticize how you live your life and perceive things (like Bruno in the show). But these people, at least, are more willing to change their opinions and beliefs than close-minded dogmatists.

FX: Black.White.
Black.White. @ MySpace

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