Friday, October 31, 2008

Last minute costume ideas

Some helpful and easy costume ideas for you last-minute dresser-uppers.

Minimal costume pieces required:

Your Evil Twin
Just stick on a fake mustache and evil eyebrows (black construction paper and tape). Voila!

Pull on your tightest jeans and a white T-shirt and roll up a deck of cards or pack of cigs in one sleeve.

Baggy jeans, solid-colored XXL T-shirt, possibly a bandanna and chains. Works especially well if you are a Hasidic Jew. Just avoid the real local gang colors and walking around the East Side and you should be fine.

Rehab-Hopping Celebrity
Dress in wrinkled clothes you wore four days ago. Carry a half-empty bottle of Jager or whatever you can find in your alkie parent's/uncle's/WoW buddy's stash. Slur your words while whining about your unappreciated talent. When asked to demonstrate your talent, sing (badly), dance (shuffle, stumble, and fall over), or recite the Pledge of Allegiance with random words thrown in. LADIES: to make an unmistakable first impression with your costume, eschew panties and spread knees while tumbling out of car.

No costume required:

You don't even have to turn down the pork ribs! After all, people dressed as zombies don't actually eat brains.

When anyone asks what you are, just say "Thank the Good Lord for great leaders like Sarah Palin!" (That would certainly scare me.)

Person Afflicted with an Unfortunate Case of Tourette's
This is one character that gets easier and easier the drunker you get. CAUTION: This costume idea is not PC.

Insane Fanboy/Fangirl
Get your geeky younger sib to provide some classic quotes from any sci-fi TV show or movie, video game, or anime/manga series. For example, pontificate loudly on the pros and cons of the various battle systems of the Final Fantasy games. (I am disqualified for this one.)

Have a Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Global Starvation Ignored by American Policy Elites

Global hunger and massive wealth inequality is based on political policies that can be changed. There will be no national security in the US without the basic food needs of the world being realized.

Project Censored


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Republican hypocrisy

Do you hear these Republicans talking about how Democrats want to make government "bigger"? Excuse me, but to what party was the president who signed the Patriot Act affiliated with?

Don't want a government "Big Brother," Mitt Romney? Um, does the word "wiretap" ring a bell?

Don't misunderstand me, Dems. I scoffed during some of your speeches, too. Just not nearly as much.

Oh, and those billion dollars in aid for Georgia? Mr. Bush, the name may be the same as an American state and similar to your own Christian name, but what about Afghanistan? They could use that much in rebuilding their newly-"freed" country, and we need to be responsible for the effects of us going in and dicking around in their political/economical/religious mess. Even if you weren't just taking that billion from China, we should be putting Afghanistan and Iraq before Georgia. Sorry Georgians; but exactly how many pies do the Repubs-in-power want to stick their fingers into?? (Or, in the case of several notable conservatives, how many barely-legal boys' asses?)

(I apologize, but the pie innuendo was there. I just didn't want to leave out the men who are cheating on their wives with other males.)


Friday, August 29, 2008

Bush declares war on zombies



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Car vandalised

Somebody took a rock and smashed in the driver's door window of my car last night. Had to cancel meeting Kate at church to work on prep for vacation Bible school next week. Spent the afternoon vacuuming my car and sweeping the street. Going to go an get the glass replaced today, but it'll cost me $100 even with the insurance. :| There goes the $50 I made helping at a memorial service as well as some more of the meager amount of money in my diminishing bank account. (I still need to get a job. The interviews I did last month didn't pan out.)

Nothing was stolen and nothing inside seemed tampered with. In some strange way, that would almost make it better. There's no logic to this except perhaps for the people who did this to just get a thrill.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mr. Viking's contest

My awesome entry can be found on here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can't Stop the Serenity '08

Cristie, Curtis, Mark, and I went up to SF last night for Can't Stop the Serenity '08. We were all dressed up as River, Simon, Wash, and Kaylee (respectively) and had some fun at Kennedy's (Irish pub/Indian restaurant) before the games and charity auctions and movie.

Cristie won the silent auction for a River poster. I won prize pack #8 in the prize drawing- a $100 gift certificate for Into Video on Haight Street that sells videos and posters and T-shirts, and also picked up a black "I ♥ the Force" shirt. Yay for geekery!

I have some pics, but I forgot to bring my camera cord down to Curtis', so it'll be a couple days until I can upload 'em.

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