Wednesday, July 12, 2006

TBF: Religion

Response to The Brian Factor
May 26. Topic: Religion.
It is my opinion that religions are, for the most part, sets of beliefs which encourage peace, understanding, moral righteousness, and spiritual enlightenment. (I am talking mainly about the three major religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism; there are/have been plenty of cults which are/were based upon violence.) Humans, however, are flawed. The teachings of Christ, for example, are awesome, and his life should be emulated. But humanity skews the practice of religion. Would Jesus have endorsed the Crusades, witch hunts, and lynchings? I like to think that he was above that, and cite his actions (forgiveness, mediation, and aiding the ill and ostracized) as recorded in the Bible as evidence.

I do not think that any form of violence should justified by religion. I think that religion should be a positive thing and unite people through shared ethics and morals if not shared beliefs. I simply dislike the fact that religion is an area which causes unrivaled numbers of fanatics of which, thankfully, only a small portion of whom instigate or participate in violence in the form of hate crimes, murders, and jihads.

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At 10:10 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

A few questions:

Why should we emulate Christ's life?
Why shouldn't we emulate other religous teachers' lives?
If we should emulate others as well, wouldn't that causes us to not emulate Christ fully?
If you believe that religion should unite people, then you can't emulate Christ, right?


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