Wednesday, July 12, 2006

TBF response: Censorship

Response to The Brian Factor
January 19. Topic: Censorship.
It irks me that this country is in another Falwellian conservative Christian phase. The "Moral Majority"- don't make me laugh. Just another WASP attempt to maintain control and accumulate power.

One of the few things I can't stand is dogmatism. Of course, the other end of that spectrum is blanket relativism which is also stupid. I prefer people who stay in the middle, between blind obedience to an ideology and an uber-hippie endorsement for people to just do "whatever rocks their boat." I mean, c'mon people, you can't say that the infanticide of baby girls is okay because it's part of their culture; there have to be some universal morals, or we wouldn't be civilized human beings.

Here's where the - quoting Todd Snider- "Conservative Christian right-wing Republican straight white American males" come in. They're dogmatists, but what's worse is that they actually have the power and means to Christianize our government- executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Don't get me wrong, Christianity can be a good thing and encourage virtues including charity, acceptance, education and just plain ol' neighborliness (though the "acceptance" bit seems to be faltering in the issue of homosexuality). But Christians have a looong history of enforcing their ideology on the unwilling: the Crusades, Junipero Serra, Born-Again Christians. (Speaking of which, our current president falls into that category. One of my college history profs told us that Daddy Bush had Billy Graham personally convert Junior while he was in jail for a DUI.)

But these WASPs running the government (all three houses) are of the category colloquially referred to as "close-minded fuddy-duddies." Abortion is wrong, sex is wrong (except for the purpose of procreation within a hetero marriage), drugs are wrong (hypocrisy); exploitative free trade is to be encouraged, as is the death penalty, de facto segregation (I wouldn't be too surprised if the Repubs attempt to resurrect de jure segregation in a few years), de-gayification (because homos are just perverts that can be "helped"), privatized health care (to allow the lowest classes to die of simple neglect), and other stupid shit.

We've only had one Catholic president (who was assassinated) because nobody likes the idea that the President of the United States could be a puppet of the Pope. But the ideas of conservative Christianity, in my humble opinion, coincide with those of the Catholic Church- the only difference is that in Protestantism anyone can interpret the writings in the Bible and preach his message without getting beaten with the gilded staffs of the Papal hierarchy. Our government is on the path of becoming a theocracy, and the only difference I see between the Pope and Pat Robertson is that the Pope (at least the late John Paul II) is more educated and in favor of peace.

With the these Christian Republicans having the majority of power in the government, does censorship of American media really come as a shock? These are all rich guys who own substantial shares of international corporations and media conglomerates. They are the owners of the forces of production and they'll pacify the Liberals with Will & Grace as long as they'll sell more deodorant and vacuum cleaners. They are going to make decisions that benefit their stock portfolios. (e.g. Halliburton (and Cheney) benefiting from the U.S. occupation of Iraq.)

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