Thursday, July 15, 2004

Moving to the country/Gonna eat a lot of peaches

My grandmother has moved into an apartment at a retirement community. We (my parents, sister, and I) are going to move into her old adobe ranch house in the foothills somethime this summer.

Of course I don't want to move, because it'll add about 40 minutes to the drive to and from school, lengthening each trip to about an hour. (Except for when I'll be taking the freeways in the morning for a nine-thirty class. In that case, I'd better be on the road at five.)

And, since I frequently hang out at my boyfriend's house until late at night (or early in the morning), that means I'll be driving up 5 miles of winding country road in the dark while I'm tired. Which is not a good idea when there's a dropoff to your immediate right.

My solution: that from Sunday-Friday I live at Curtis'.

Surprisingly my parents haven't dismissed the idea. And just until recently (a couple weeks ago) they balked at the idea of me spending a single night at his house. Mom finally agreed to allow me to sleep over occasionally after a Sex Talk:

Me: Mom, it's no big deal. We'll hang out, eat dinner, play video games, then go to sleep.

Mom: Have you and Curtis been having sex?

Me: Yes. [pause] What would you have said if we weren't having sex?

Mom: I would have wondered what was wrong with you.

...I guess I should be relieved. But Mom kinda surprised me.