Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Republican hypocrisy

Do you hear these Republicans talking about how Democrats want to make government "bigger"? Excuse me, but to what party was the president who signed the Patriot Act affiliated with?

Don't want a government "Big Brother," Mitt Romney? Um, does the word "wiretap" ring a bell?

Don't misunderstand me, Dems. I scoffed during some of your speeches, too. Just not nearly as much.

Oh, and those billion dollars in aid for Georgia? Mr. Bush, the name may be the same as an American state and similar to your own Christian name, but what about Afghanistan? They could use that much in rebuilding their newly-"freed" country, and we need to be responsible for the effects of us going in and dicking around in their political/economical/religious mess. Even if you weren't just taking that billion from China, we should be putting Afghanistan and Iraq before Georgia. Sorry Georgians; but exactly how many pies do the Repubs-in-power want to stick their fingers into?? (Or, in the case of several notable conservatives, how many barely-legal boys' asses?)

(I apologize, but the pie innuendo was there. I just didn't want to leave out the men who are cheating on their wives with other males.)



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