Thursday, April 10, 2008


6 of the 10 cows in our southern field

Back view from our courtyard

Amy, our Australian shepherd (one blue eye and one brown, which still weirds me out sometimes)

For the heck of it, here's a pic of the wallpaper in my bedroom (I didn't pick it, it's been here since before I was born)

A close-up so you can see why I call it the "vagina wallpaper" (click on the pic above to see how the labia motif repeats ad infinitum)

...And I know I said I'd have a picture of me and my laptop running through the field of wildflowers, but you can see from the first pic above why I'm not eager to prance around there in my Skechers.

Eventually, I'd like to take enough pics to give you all a virtual tour of our ranch--including the two garages, the three deer heads mounted in the foyer, the huge pile of scrap metal and abandoned tillers, and even the yoke that came across with the Donner party. It just takes a looong time for photos to upload. Drawback of livin' in the sticks.

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