Tuesday, February 05, 2008


In case you haven't read my notes on TBF, my computer is acting up. In addition to the whole can't-use-the-wireless-card thing, most times that I try to turn it on the screen won't work- not even when I hook it up to another monitor. This entire situation has made me give up trying to get online every day. But the good news: I'm almost done playing through Psychonauts again! (Such a great game. Except for the whole Meat Circus level. I want to kill that stupid bunny and Morry "Ouch! My face!" Oleander.)

More good news. I had my birthday party Friday night! More of my friends were there than my family members, 'cause everybody around here is ill. But I got a digital camera from my friend/boss/sugar daddy Brian (he gives me neat stuff for running TBF blog), the latest Resident Evil DVD from Curtis, some cash and giftcards, and my b-day/graduation present from Nana: $20,000. !!! Very generous, and certainly enough money to buy a nice used car and insurance for quite some time. (So you see, guys, me cutting the evening short was a good thing, because it allowed me to spend an hour or so with my grandmother before both of us fell asleep. I would've felt horrible seeing her, getting my gift, and saying, "Sorry but I gotta go. People are waiting for me." fifteen minutes later.)

Went in to the school district office to get fingerprinted, but they said that I needed to have a job or volunteer position lined up first. Meh. So now it's time to crawl the network and start campaigning. (Speaking of which, I'm registered as independent, so I couldn't vote for any of the primary candidates. Just in case any of you were wondering.)

Next time I'm online I promise I'll respond to the comments given to me on TBF and my Facebook and MySpace messages. But I need to finish packing and catch a ride down to Curtis' to stay for a few days.