Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's

Curtis and I went to Haji's and met up with Haji, Justin and his fiancee Marie, Catboy, Chris (aka Bob), and a few other people. Guitar Hero was being played all night (Bob is seriously amazing at that game, and copious amounts of alcohol didn't hinder him at all). Justin, Curtis, Jeff, and I spent some time in the hot tub. After hot tubbing, when four of us were tired of watching GH, we piled onto the couch in the other room to watch/ridicule some hentai anime. (Marie has quite a collection, for some reason. I don't think she's watched most of the stuff she has.) One ecchi and two hentai videos later, we still has no answer as to why the animated men had black penises. Two running jokes all night referred to Powerthirst and Bro Rape, e.g. "menergy" and "Jeff has some Natty Ice and a Gamecube in his car". (I have to admit that the Powerthirst video is really funny.)

It was after the anime that things started to calm down. Catboy put on his clip-on cat ears, crawled around meowing, and demanded to get "pets" (even with the experience of the last Truckee trip, I still don't know how much of his behavior was alcohol-induced). Justin and Marie passed out on Haji's futon, and the rest of us played "Apples to Apples" for two or three more hours before I drove Curtis home and we climbed into bed around 6.