Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Life has been kinda boring, but it seems to be speeding up again. Thursday I go to visit the middle school special education class that a friend of Jill's teaches, since I've been thinking that perhaps I would like to work as a special ed aide. I passed my sociology comprehensive exam a few weeks ago, so I've finally completed all the requirements for my BA! The day before yesterday, Curtis interviewed Brian and I about The Brian Factor, so once the audio file is edited and a transcript is written out, it'll be posted on 3 Green Fish and TBF.

And something went haywire with my laptop several days ago, and the kernel error message kept popping up (it's the most serious Mac error message ever, apparently). So I took it in to MacPro yesterday, and they'll diagnose it in the next few days (costing $50) and then give me an estimate for repairs. It seems to be a hardware problem, so neither I nor Curtis can do anything about it. (Well, there goes most of the money I've been earning weeding for Jill. It was supposed to be for Christmas presents. I'm not going to be able to scrape up whatever amount the computer-fixers will want, so perhaps that'll have to be a gift from my parents. I'm tired of being poor.)


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