Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Been spending the week down at Curtis'. Anna and Sam visited and we all watched DOA which was a fun movie that I'd like to buy sometime when I have money again. I went to the Todd Snider concert at the Rio in Santa Cruz Saturday night. It was a good show; all electric with a band to back him up, unlike the two solo acoustic shows I've seen of his. Plenty of anti-war songs and drug references to go around, and Will Kimbrough and The Devil Makes Three made appearances.

On Sunday Curtis and I went up to SF to spend four hours walking around the Legion of Honor. Last night Brian came over and the three of us ate some steak, did some character set-up for That Game, and I had to suffer through many sexual innuendoes. *sigh* I had fun anyway. :)

Otherwise, Curtis and I've been hanging out, watching Underworld and the first 6 episodes of Heroes.

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