Sunday, September 09, 2007

Funniness and itchiness

Just finished watching Sky High on TV. It was better than I thought- a cross between The Tick live action series plus The Incredibles plus a Disney Channel original tween-oriented movie. Two of The Kids in the Hall were in it (one of whom was Dave Foley who also had a cameo on The Tick). Kevin McDonald played Medulla, a big-brained mad scientist who had the best line in the movie after the villain's weapon The Pacifier turned him and several other adults into babies: "Regrettably, I have made boom-boom." I had to rewind and hear that line three or four times (Yay Tivo!).

Last night we finished the SciFi Channel's miniseries The Lost Room. Only six episodes, but it's an enthralling Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-esque story. A clash of alternate realities causes an Event that infuses a 1960's southwestern motel room and its accoutrements with powers that defy physics, time, and reality. The Objects include a key that unlocks any door, a bus ticket that sends people twenty feet above a highway in the middle of nowhere, a glass eye that can heal or vaporize flesh, and a watch that can instantly hardboil eggs. It is one of those literary creations that I find almost impossible to conceive that someone could have thought it up.

We had Mom's church choir come up to the ranch for a retreat yesterday. 40 people make the septic tank unhappy. But there were lots of goodies at the potluck lunch. :)

I've got more patches of poison oak on my legs and arm. I decided that the oil has probably dissapated or whatever and more patches are appearing 'cuz the stuff is in my blood. So this afternoon I took a damp washcloth and scrubbed at the oldest and nastiest parts- scratching them like that feels positively orgasmic; I get a similar fluttery weak-in-the-knees feeling in my lower belly. Probably TMI, I know, so I apologize. But I can't spend all day in the bathroom with a washcloth, so I have to settle for calamine gel and ice packs.

Almost done with A Feast for Crows. I'll have read all four books in a row and I'm about ready for a break. Martin's battles are awesomely written and he is very detailed about medieval life- down to the rushes on the castle floors, the chamberpots under the beds, and the toothless whores. And there's plenty of feasting after every victory in battle, betrothal, and sacking of a city. Quite a bit of violence, too, but everytime a person gets threatened with a dagger to their throat or their arm hacked off they loose their bowels. Can hardly go fifty pages without mention of someone loosening their bowels in fear. Gets a little tiresome.

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