Sunday, April 22, 2007

Housemate troubles finale and fun stuff

She wasn't upset about anything huge. She's just one of those tick...tick..tick...BOOM!!! people who let small things pile up until they explode instead of dealing with each small annoyance at the time.

Those people annoy me. It isn't a good way to manage anger because you aren't managing your anger. Why not deal with the little and almost insignificant crap instead of doing damage control on a huge blow up?

Anyway, here are a couple of fun links.

South Park "D-Yikes!": A parody of 300 with lesbians battling Xerxes and his/her Persian businessmen. (I love how the Mexicans get hired to do homework by the kids and to infiltrate the Persians by the lesbians!)

A couple movies about a bird that repeatedly slams into a window.

Mario Frustration: insanely hard Mario levels with a soundtrack of a guy cussing that kept me amused for the entire 24 minutes.

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