Friday, March 23, 2007


What Kind of Apocalypse Are You?


Zombie Apocolypse
You are stubborn and headstrong, but your methodical and straightforward nature comes in handy when you are in the middle of a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE. Just remember that a little flexibility and paying close attention to your assets will help you a great deal when fighting off hordes of the undead. Don't let the lumbering beasts of terror get you down, with a little determination you can get through anything.
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What Firefly Character Are You?


Jayne Cobb
You're into guns, violence, and fending for yourself. Your sense of honor and loyalty is not the most developed, but you're learning. What's important to you now is the payoff. Pay some more attention to the people around you.
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I was in a "blow shit up" kinda mood at the time. :)



At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Brian Rodriguez said...

Deep down I sense that you are an angry, angry girl...

I have never been so turned on!!!!

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Brian Rodriguez said...

I took your Firefly quiz and I thought you'd love to hear this:
according to the test I'm : Malcolm Reynolds

You're the captain, and there's no doubt you're in charge. You do your best to keep your crew together and your ship flying, sometimes it seems like no job is too big, too small, or too illegal. You care deeply for those around you, but you do you best to hide your feelings. Why do you want everyone to think you're such a mean old man?


At 12:28 AM, Blogger Marie said...

Am I supposed to be flattered? You would get turned on by a badger licking a battery.

;P Haha!


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