Friday, March 02, 2007

Bad Pope jokes

So last night, around 1:30 am, Curtis and I began making up Pope jokes. Some were funny; some were only funny because of how late it was; and most were painful. Nonetheless, I feel like inflicting them upon the world. Warning: tasteless puns ahead.

What is the Pope's favorite snack?
Pope-corn which he makes in a pope-corn pope-er.

How did the Popemobile get a flat tire?
It ran over a pope-hole.

A Dutch pope was asked whether he could really talk with God. He replied, "Vat I can!"
(Note: I randomly said "Dutch." I don't know what kind of people have an accent like that.)

Why doesn't the Pope like math?
Because he tries to avoid the seven deadly sins.

What do you call it when the Pope goes to Vegas to get married?

What do you call someone being manipulated by the Pope?
A Pope-et.

What do you call a highly classified Vatican document?

In Vatican City, what do you call a single-person motorized vehicle?
A po-ped.

What is the Pope's favorite breakfast food?
Eggs Benedict.

Why doesn't the Pope like to wear new socks?
They aren't holey.

What does the Pope like to put on his steak?
Salt and pope-er.

What is the Pope's favorite fruit?

Why is the snake from the Garden of Eden eating the Roman Catholic Church?
Because the papal doesn't fall far from the Tree of Knowledge.

Feel free to leave your own bad jokes as comments.


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Brian Rodriguez said...

and you say that my jokes get hokey at night....


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