Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Went home for the weekend. Ah, life at the ranch. Waking up to find a note on the counter saying "It you want venison for dinner, there's a deer by the road," and having to go and check the condition of the spring where we get our water and making sure that the neighbor doesn't greet us with a shotgun.

Got a lot of cool stuff for my birthday, including two of my favorite comedies on DVD: Delicatessen and My Man Godfrey. Awesomeness!

Had to leave my statistics class 20 minutes early. I was falling asleep and was afraid that if I stayed longer I wouldn't be able to walk back to my apartment. As it was, I was weaving when I reached my building.

Here are a couple links for ya'll:

Too tired to walk, man steals cop car

Orgas-Alarm: Best car alarm ever

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