Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Been a while

I am not dead. Let me just refute any possible rumors of my deceased-ness right now.

Okay. Now that that has been taken care of there are some things I feel like mentioning.

1. I am back at school. I am taking evil Statistical Methods again as well as Sociology of Violence, War, and Peace.

2. I spent New Year's Eve with Curtis, Anna, and Sam. We watched Clerks II and Silent Hill. Let me tell you, Silent Hill was an awesome movie. That is something that I don't usually say about horror films, since I never watch horror films because I am a wuss. But I wanted to watch Silent Hill because it is based on the video games (none of which I've ever played, but I've downloaded a lot of music from).

Some things that really impressed me about the film are the colors used (especially the stark white of the ashes) and the sound. The muted heartbeats and the music (all the songs, I think, were from the various games, and I recognized several). If you want to listen to something pretty and/or creepy, definitely check out Akira Yamaoka's work on Silent Hill 4: The Room. "Nightmarish Waltz" is one my very favorites, as well as "Room of Angel" with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's vocals.

3. Remind me to never eat a Choco-Taco in public when I'm with Curtis again. He kept cracking jokes. "Get your fingers out of your taco" and "You must really love your taco" and "Your taco looks really creamy."

4. I had a very erotic dream the other night. Two guys and me. (I won't tell ya'll who they were.) It was *very* hot. I guess that years of reading erotica have given my subconscious mind a lot of material to work with. (I can almost hear you snickering, Brian. I can also imagine pretty much any response to this that you want to make, so no reply is necessary.)

5. My bamboo is dying. There is something in the tap water killing it, I think.

6. I've gotten my total combat level in Runescape up past 80. My lowest skill level is still 13. But who needs to craft runes, anyway? Also made a few new friends on the game the other day. One guy was especially cool, a 16-year-old kid from England. I find it funny that if I made a graph of the ages of people who play Runescape it would be bimodal; seems that everyone is either 17 and younger or over 65. (Wheee! Some of my stat class seems to be sticking in my brain!)

Even though I'm currently level 81, people still try to PK me. Know what, you unprovoked PKing bullies? You keep that up, you are going to die miserable and alone. To quote some guy from high school: "I hope you get AIDS and die of rectal bleeding."

Okay, I'm not serious about that last part. I'd never wish for anyone to get AIDS, and I'd only wish for someone to die if the person is really evil and making thousands of lives miserable. I just think that that is a hilarious and inventive curse.

7. Brian is sending me Rammstein CDs. Totally awesome! I watched the beginning of XXX recently (for all my high-brow cinema biases, I seem to have a weakness for Vin Diesel movies) and started craving more of Rammstein.

(I'll just throw my second reason in for coveting Rammstein, too, though it disgraces me.) A week or two ago I watched the first half of the South Park movie on Comedy Central's Secret Stash. Since then, that "Uncle Fucker" song has gotten stuck in my head about twenty times. I have to listen to Rammstein to get it out. Then I have angry German metal stuck in my head. What a relief! I'd rather go around muttering "feuer frei!" or "mein herz brennt" than "shut your fucking face, uncle fucker."

What does "mein herz brennt" mean? Let me check... "My heart burns." (I'm thankful that it wasn't German for "uncle fucker" otherwise I would've been screwed.)

8. My housemate's boyfriend was over last weekend. Let me tell ya, she is a screamer. I walked into the apartment, heard them going at it in the shower, giggled and tried to ignore it, then maybe twenty minutes later I hear them from her bedroom. The sounds of sex do not help me do my stat homework. I quickly packed my stuff and spent the night at Curtis'. I usually wouldn't mention other people having sex on my blog, but they invaded my privacy first. At least I allow them their anonymity.

9. I think I should extend this list to reach 10. 10 is a good number. But I have nothing to write, so this is just filler.

10. I spent over five hours straight writing today! I was so in the zone that I barely had time to eat dinner before class. Woohoo, go me!

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At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Jacob said...

1. Evil Statistical Methods sounds pretty damn cool. How does that work? "Calculating the logistic increase in evil cackle volume?" No, I guess that would be more like Evil Differential Equations. Maybe your class is more like my Hellish International Studies. Just imagine Evil Statistical Methods of Hellish International Studies.

2. What? No commentary on Clerks II? Anything by Kevin Smith is automatically awesome. Just like anything by David Lynch is hella awesome. Because I say "hella" now more than I ever used to, because it identifies me as a Californian. And California is hella cool. (People here: "Ooh, you're from California? That is so awesome. Can I touch you? Can I be your friend? Can I give you a blowjob?" Me: "Well, I guess so, gorgeous supermodel. If you must.") You should see "The Girl Next Door" if you haven't already. Not only is Elisha Cuthbert hot to the max, it's also actually a good movie.

3/5. Your bamboo will be healthier if you leave it out of your taco.

4. It's amazing the way reading/watching/listening to/thinking about sex can make you dream about sex. Actually it makes total sense. Sex is actually a human need. True stuff. My theory: most priests, nuns, et al. are somewhat fucked up from their abstinence, so it's not that huge of a surprise that some of them start molesting children and so on. Sexual release is a good thing, mkay? Just do it on your own or with consenting human adults. When you start lusting after choir boys, you know something's wrong.

6. Someone should make a hunting video game starring Dick Cheney. You could have cans of beers as power-ups, and after you had a certain number you'd see double and it would go into a special mode with people popping up and flapping around like birds.

7. I didn't know you liked Rammstein! I have almost all of their CDs. "Mein Herz brennt" means "my heart burns" (as you found out), "küss mich" means "kiss me," "Engel" means "angel," "bück dich" means "bend over," etc. Most of their songs are about dirty sex and being angry. You should know that Curtis hates Rammstein, though.

8. Was she a squirter too?

9. 9 is not a prime, but it is generated from the sequence 2^n+1 (n=3).

10. I spent six hours sleeping last night, and I have too much to do today.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Marie said...

1. Evil Stat Methods would be pretty cool. I'd learn how to manipulate data and win national elections by screwing with Floridan results.

2. I honestly had expected Clerks II to be a disappointment. But it wasn't. Dante is still an annoying whiner and Randal is still awesome. Jason Lee's cameo was great (I've gotten used to him playing comical characters like Earl and Banky and Brodie, and it was great to see him in a different type of role). Elias was also a great character. ("Pillowpants"- heh heh)

I'm happy to see that you are enjoying celebrity status up there in Ohio. I just hope that the reality approaches something close to your fantasies. ;)

3/5. You are a sick, sick man. Chocolate might poison my bamboo; I wouldn't risk its health by trying to feed it dessert. Maybe bamboo are like dogs. And its been such a good plant (okay, stick with leaves, really) for a few years.

4. Yes. Sex is good. Only happy and consensual sex, though.

6. I'd play that game. And it'd make a great part of a smear campaign when Cheney decides to run for president in the next election.

7. My favorite song is still "Mein Herz Brennt." I love songs that use violins. Even that "Drops of Jupiter" song from a few years back almost redeemed itself in my ears because of the orchestral segments.

I was flipping through the song titles and ran across one called "Te Quiero Puta." Unexpected and quite funny, I think.

And I don't really care whether Curtis loves Rammstein or his ears'll bleed if I blast it in the car. (He never lets me drive, anyway. Me at the wheel makes him nervous.) I'm not being callous; it's just that I rarely play intense, rockin' songs when he's in the room, 'cuz he's either sitting at his computer and writing or doing his homework.

Besides, if he's got his Indigo Girls, then I can have my Breaking Benjamin, Otep, and Rammstein. We don't need to inflict pain on each other via music.

8. Ew. I don't even know what that means and I'm grossed out. Please, don't tell me. I don't want to think about it.

9. Oh, you math majors. Making simple equations like 3^2 just a little bit harder. (That is /not/ a hint that you should make up a two-line-long equation requiring me to solve for x, y, z, etc. to get 9.)

10. Welcome to university life. Six hours is more than a full night's sleep.

At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Jacob said...

3/5. Hey now, I said to leave it out of your taco, not put it in. You're the one guilty of molesting bamboo with dessert items, not me. But there's something fishy about your taco business, I'm just not sure what.

4. Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be "happy;" some people get off when it isn't. I like the phrase coined by Sex is Fun best: "consenting human adults."

7. Rammstein's music is even cooler when accompanied by visuals, I think. For example, have you seen the music video to Engel? Really cool. Search youtube for "rammstein engel" (you might have to try more than one to get one that hasn't been removed).

8. Grossed out? Aw, come on now (haha, double entendre). But just type in "squirting" in Google (or PornoTube) and you'll see what I mean.

9. Well, technically speaking, 3^2 is an expression, not an equation. Besides, it's just three squared. Child's play. A much cooler expression for 9 is, of course, the double integral from 0 to 2 and 0 to 9/2 of 1, dy dx. Also child's play.


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