Saturday, December 02, 2006

Funny videos

I can't believe that I forgot how random and weird Adventurous und Magick Haus is.

Mega64 has done a RE4 sketch.

DevilDucky is hosting a multi-part series "What to do in a Zombie Attack." If you like Communist jokes and/or hate zombies, you should check it out.
Part 1: Be Prepared
Part 2: The Zombie Menace
Part 3: The Zombie Emergency Management Agency and You

And I've probably posted these before, but they're some of my favorites:
Monty Python: Bicycle Repairman
"Funniest Whose Line Ever"
KITH: Do Re Mi

I wish that all TV shows were availible on the Net. There are several KITH skits that I'd love to find (including all the "Pit of Darkness" ones and "Stairclimbers"). Some of the sketches from Asia Street Comedy are really funny (like the fake J-Pop group "The Yummy Jelly Twins" and the "Buried Alive" reality show). I also wish that I could stream/download the Singapore sitcom Living with Lydia. Lydia Sum is one of those comedians who can make whatever she's doing be funny, like Lucille Ball. So far, I can only watch Lydia if I'm awake at 2:30 and am at Santa Cruz so I can get the AZN channel.

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