Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Random Thought

I have kinda got a whim to start giving people random titles. Like, lets say I run into someone I know when I'm walking to class. I'd just bust out with a "Good day, Lance-Corporal Mike!" or "Howdy Contessa Natalie!" I could be talking on the phone to someone and say "Well, I'll just have to run that past the Major." Yeah, people would think I was psycho, but I'm sure they do anyway. It would be fun.

And, yes, I realize that one does not traditionally greet a contessa with "howdy," but I would do that anyway. For novelty's sake, 'cuz I never really use the word "howdy."

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm not dead yet

No one's heard from me in a while. I got sick last Sunday, got better a few days later, then got worse with different symptoms. I drove myself to an urgent care clinic the day of Christmas Eve and the doctor's verdict was an ear infection in my left ear. So I have to have ear drops twice a day and antibiotic pills three times. Both my ears are all blocked up, which is the reason I haven't called anyone (especially Marie, who I've been meaning to call since last weekend).

Between the times that I've been sleeping or reading (Eddings' The Malloreon series), I've been watching movies (with the volume undoubtedly turned up to an ear-piercing level for everyone else in the house) and surfing the net. I'll share some things of note.

Waterman toons: I love these. I'll rewatch my favorites every coupla months (Eps 1 & 5 & 9). You've gotta love the late '80s/early '90s pop culture references.

Resident Evil 4: ADITL: "ADITL" meaning "a day in the life," I guess, of "Dr. Salvatore" the male chainsaw-wielding maniac in RE4.

The Real OP: A serial spoof on teen TV dramas that also parodies The Lonely Island's "The 'Bu". I love The 'Bu. But I'm beginning to love The OP, too. They've got TLI's people-entering-from-closets gags and the whole secret identity thing, but they've got a ton of little random extras like Alex's Drumline T-shirt and the cheer-up factor of "the world's biggest water fountain."

Warp Factor Love: I ran across something mentioning this and remembered how hilarious this video was the first time I saw it, so I ended up watching it three times in a row. That character is such a dork. Even if you don't want to watch the fake documentary that the music video comes from, this is still something to see.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Notes on Death Note

***Warning: If you haven't read the manga, there will be slight spoilers***

I just finished watching the live action movie of Death Note. Yaaay! I didn't know that Tatsuya Fujiwara was starring in it. Of course I didn't look at who was starring, 'cuz I don't recognize that many Japanese actors' names. But as soon as Light made his appearance, I'm like, "It's Nanahara!" He has the same shaggy haircut that he had in Battle Royale 2: Requiem that I don't think is quite that flattering.

The movie version of L was great. He's such an eccentric kid in the manga, and they actually managed to translate his weirdness into live action: the sweets, the thumb, the feet, and the eyeliner. And I thought that the portrayal of Lind L. Taylor was an amusing one, as he was the only white American. (All the FBI agents were Japanese, something that I guess can be explained because they were trying to blend in with the Japanese population. I never understood how the US FBI had any sort of jurisdiction in Japan, but whatever....)

Anyway, now I can't wait until the sequel comes out. It's in Japanese theaters now, so it'll be a while until it comes out on DVD.


Evil pseudo-quizzes

Star Wars Horoscope for Aquarius

You can be cruel and torment people who disagree with you.
Deep down, there is a peace-loving, friendly side to you.
You have a knack for inflicting pain on people and use your intellect during battle.

Star wars character you are most like: Darth Vader

Your Girl Parts Are Named:

Chia Pet

What??? No, no, no, that is so wrong!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Japanese DVD binge

Woohoo!!!!! SunDevil has gotten the Death Note live action DVD! I'm totally getting it and Azumi 2 right now! Yaaay! Merry Christmas to me!


I'm laughing

This TV was lucky. I'm sure there have been plenty of Wiimotes going right through screens.

Seriously, guys, perhaps a little less enthusiasm? Think of the poor televisions.

(Photo from "Human Cyclone of Activity Impales TV" from

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter Break=Lotsa Sleep

Finals are over and I'm home now. Back at the ranch where the showers are never hot and the Net connection is always sporadic. (Okay, the first part was untrue; it just takes ten to twenty minutes for the water to heat up.) I've been working a little bit on one of my stories that's been in progress since May. Which isn't nearly as old as several of my other projects.

Just thought I'd check in let ya'll know why I'm not going to be blogging much for the next month.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More movies I want to see

I posted the link to the "Hot Fuzz" trailer the other day. Here are two more movies that I'm looking forward to seeing:
Trail of the Screaming Forehead
By the people who did The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. (Love that movie!)

Hot Rod
Written by Akiva, Andy, and Jorma (The Lonely Island guys)


Monday, December 04, 2006

Hot Fuzz

The people who made Shaun of the Dead have made/are in the process of making another film. (I love the part with the fences-there's a definite contrast in fence-hopping ability between Simon Pegg's characters.)

Working Title Films: Hot Fuzz trailer

(Thanks to Miles Grover of Thinkin' Lincoln for linking to the trailer. See? You shouldn't just read webcomics and ignore the news sections; you'd miss out on great stuff.)

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Victor Borge - Inflationary Language

Very funny and classic routine by comic pianist Victor Borge.

YouTube - Victor Borge - Inflationary Language

Threedle-oo threedle-oo!


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Funny videos

I can't believe that I forgot how random and weird Adventurous und Magick Haus is.

Mega64 has done a RE4 sketch.

DevilDucky is hosting a multi-part series "What to do in a Zombie Attack." If you like Communist jokes and/or hate zombies, you should check it out.
Part 1: Be Prepared
Part 2: The Zombie Menace
Part 3: The Zombie Emergency Management Agency and You

And I've probably posted these before, but they're some of my favorites:
Monty Python: Bicycle Repairman
"Funniest Whose Line Ever"
KITH: Do Re Mi

I wish that all TV shows were availible on the Net. There are several KITH skits that I'd love to find (including all the "Pit of Darkness" ones and "Stairclimbers"). Some of the sketches from Asia Street Comedy are really funny (like the fake J-Pop group "The Yummy Jelly Twins" and the "Buried Alive" reality show). I also wish that I could stream/download the Singapore sitcom Living with Lydia. Lydia Sum is one of those comedians who can make whatever she's doing be funny, like Lucille Ball. So far, I can only watch Lydia if I'm awake at 2:30 and am at Santa Cruz so I can get the AZN channel.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Grammar Quiz

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
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