Sunday, November 19, 2006

Songs I'm digging now

(In no particular order)

Requiem/Prologue (Battle Royale Soundtrack): It starts out with Dies Irae, the most badass song from Verdi's Requiem and very intense. Then it transitions to a 4+ minute original piece by Masamichi Amano which is amazing as it transitions back and forth from military to love-theme-esque sections. The strings and horns at the very end are somewhat discordant and it hits your anticipation and axiety centers like POW. (Can download this song and the others of the soundtrack here at Galbadia Hotel.)

Smile (Jane Birkin and Brian Molko): I just like this song. Except for the part "Remember that smiling / Uses less muscles / And frowning just makes you look ugly" because it should be "fewer" not "less". But that's just me being a grammar Nazi. (Can download from here, along with a lot of other Placebo Bsides like Running Up That Hill and 2 4 6 8, from their demo album. :)

Life in Mono (Mono): A pretty song that I remembered hearing on the radio, like, ten years ago and had to look up. (Can be found through Dogpile audio search.)

Tremor (Instrumental Short) (Johnny Hollow): Pretty synth-and-piano piece. Too short, I think. (Do the riddle for the download at

Attack Music (Machinae Supremacy): I was watching Futurama about a month ago and recognized the sound clip from the beginning of this song. I had wondered what it was from. :) It has some recurring parts that sound like retro video game blips. (Find "site version" DL under Releases: Webography at their offical site.)

Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin): Yes, I am a Halo 2 fangirl. When am I not listening to this song? I'll tell you: never. Or at least when I'm listening to other music. Now I admit, this song is the most mainstream in this list, but don't get all prejudiced. I think its awesome. Or maybe it's awesomeness stems from the happy memories I have of slaughtering Covenants and humans indiscriminately. (Joking. I try to avoid killing allies as much as possible.) (I picked up this song from Bittorrent, but it can be found at Dogpile audio search.)

On the subject of music and video games, have you guys seen the Gears of War commercial? I've loved the song (Gary Jules' Mad World) since I first heard it in Donnie Darko, but it does not mesh with the game! The game should have a more intense song (*ahem* like Blow Me Away). And it isn't juxtaposed well with the violence like, for instance, Schubert's Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen did in the Battle Royale movie.



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