Thursday, November 16, 2006

RS rant

Okay, this is just a raging rant about the unfairness of a RuneScape quest. Feel free to ignore this if you have no idea about the game.

Rune Tips :: Underground Pass Quest Guides:

This is a ridiculously hard quest. Harder than the damn sheep herding quest. A practice of patience and Sisyphusean ineffectuality. (Nevermind that hundreds or thousands of other people have done it.) It is cruel, it is unusual, it is punishment, and I guess that makes me a masochist.

There are not one, but TWO stupid obstacle courses where your avatar falls and loses HP and rarely has a halfway point to resume from. I spent hours working on this stupid quest (not in a row- my sanity would not have held out) and the majority of the time was spent falling off an obstacle, dropping to the floor below and losing 20 HP, then going back up to try that particular obstacle again but only if I could make it past all the previous obstacles again! (Picture of Underground Pass: the first maze/obstacle course is the small one on the right side in the middle and the insanely difficult second one is that huge thing on the left.)

So, after a few hours, I finally got to the point where my level 67 character had slayed the 3 demons, unlocked the chest with the amulets, retreived the ashes of Iban's corpse, then began wading through the lvl-39 Blessed Spiders to attack Kalrag (which is a trial in itself because you can only attack one monster at a time and they were aggros). The damn thing managed to kill me (because like hell I was going to run to the dwarfs' to get more food and then repeat the process of trying to attack Kalrag instead of the 50-odd spiders), so I died and respawned in Falador without the frickin' voodoo doll.

Which means that I'm going to have to do the whole Underground Pass crap again.

I'm telling you: if I ever decide to try that damn quest again, and I manage to regain the voodoo doll again and it doesn't have the damn shadow and ashes, I may be tempted to open a vein.

I assure you that I will not be attempting this friggin' quest until my agility level is past 50. Not that that assures me that the course will be any easier.

It got to the point where I was praying to Guthix just to make it over the next broken bridge. It's pathetic and sad and I ain't proud of it. So to punish myself for this idiotic masochism I am going to drive myself crazy by sadistically forcing myself to work on my papers for long periods of time without even allowing myself the respite of checking my email. Despite my ADD. A grim prospect which creates visions of spontaneous Marie implosions.



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