Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm annoyed, exhausted, and approaching a point of mania

So, yeah, you're thinking, "Wow, Marie, you're awake so early!"

Au contrere my cyber-stalkers, I am unfortunately up late.

Last week some virus looked at me and decided, "Hey! You've got two papers due Thursday! I'm gonna knock you on your ass for a week and a half!" And that virus ended up bitch-slapping me with some fucker of a illness that persists up until now.

Though I am feeling better, I have apparently become noctural and my brain has gooed up to the point where I can lay in bed staring at the white ceiling and walls for hours on end. (And, unfortunately, this happens at night between the hours of 2 and 5 am.)

For the first few days I was content to stare at TV for seven hours straight. Luckily, this weekend, I was finally able to start reading again.

So this past night (in no particular order) I've watched about 10 minutes of TV while I ate a piece of toast (that toast was both lunch and dinner, btw), spent a few hours reading a David Eddings book and browsing through crap on the 'Net, picked at my finger- and toenails while listening to music for another solid 45 minutes, spent about an hour and a half of time playing We Love Katamari, twiddled my thumbs while I tried to sleep, and spent another couple hours trying to find sources and write those two papers which still have not been done, and at least another half-hour nearly working myself into a panic by thinking "I'm gonna fail my classes! I'm gonna fail my classes!" and attempting to prevent a miserable downward spiral of visions of my life after fucking up the entire '06 Fall quarter.

(And I'm thoughtfully leaving out the the descriptions of the various physical aspects of this illness that I've been dealing with. That would just be too much information.)

By the time it was 5:20 I figured I may as well stay away until the dining hall opened for breakfast. So I took a long hot shower and decided to write this. Now I'm going to kill ten minutes by slooowly getting dressed, then walk over to the dining hall for hot chocolate to ease my poor nose and throat and head.

Maybe I'll finally be allowed to crash after I eat. For a couple hours, anyway, 'cuz I'm going to try (again!!!) to write a decent paper to turn in late today.

So you have a good morning, too.

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At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Jacob said...

Oy! That sounds horrible. I can especially feel for you, because I've been in a similar (albeit less painful) situation. I had an exam on Friday of the week before last, then on Wednesday of last week, and I have another one today, and another one tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've been burning the candle at both ends, and — surprise surprise — now I'm under the weather. Oh, and I have a paper due, too. Whee.

Hope you feel better soon. Kick ass on those papers, 'k?


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