Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ads of the World

Seriously, this is one of favorite websites.

You've gotta admit that advertising is both a reflection of society and a means of promoting stereotypes, but you've also got to admit that there are some very clever and funny ads out there. Of course, there's still a lot of sexism and illogical obsessions with brand names, as well as the obvious pro-consumerism attitude intrinsic in advertising, but commercials are some of the most entertaining contributions to public media.

Some other commercials I've found interesting recently and in the past:
Sprint's "Sticking it to the Man"
FedEx's Castaway parody
United Church of Christ's "Still Speaking" campaign
Italian condom commercial
Wii Mac parody ad
Ape Escape 3's "Bullets and Bananas"
Carlton Draught's "Big Ad"

(These are the ones linked to in the paragraph above)
South African First for Women car insurance
1-800-GOT-JUNK "RAT campaign"
SF Barney's "Man Trap"



At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Jacob said...

I recall seeing some ads on that website before. You're right, advertising is very interesting (and by interesting, I mean usually vacuous and insulting). Here are my reactions to the ones you linked:

1. No kidding is that stereotypical, and just a "tad" insulting too. Whatever company that is only insures women because women never do the stupid things in cars that men do, such as not realizing that they're going to drive over a cliff (vacuous, check, insulting, check).

2. Clever and amusing (I love the look on the old woman's face), while still somewhat insulting (what sex was the person being attacked by rodents?). (Vacuous, partial check, insulting, check.)

3. Yeah, I think the ad speaks for itself. I'm not sure what's worse, the idea that it's "okay" to lie and manipulate your partner with sex and deliberately get pregnant, or the idea that some women would be stupid and cruel enough to do so so they could get a bag. (Vacuous and insulting: tore the paper while writing checkmarks.)

4. Apple's Get A Mac ads: clever and amusing without demeaning their viewers, as typical of Apple ads. (Vacuous and insulting: no check.)

5. This ad by Sprint is actually somewhat clever (never mind the fact that Sprint is probably the worst cell phone carrier in my experience). The social implications of sticking it to the "man" per-se, or having someone who looks like a CEO use that line, I'm not entirely sure of (vacuous: partial check, insulting: partial check).

6. FedEx's ads are almost always fun to watch, and this one is no exception, although one wonders why the woman is so particularly callous to the FedEx guy (vacuous: not really, insulting: partial check).

7. Mein Gott.... Of all the ads I was prepared to bash the most easily, it would have probably been the Christian ones. Amazingly enough, I see no fault with these at all (although I wonder how accepting they are of my not accepting Christianity). Nothing insulting, nothing particularly stupid. Good job, UCC. (Vacuous: no check, insulting: no check).

8. Hahaha. I love Italy. Of course, here in the US, there'd be a huge scandal because OMG TEH SEKCS ON TV TIHINK OF TEH CHILDRUN!!! TURN ON TEH FOCKS NEWZ TO COMPINSATE!!!. (Vacuous: no check, insulting: no check).

9. I've commented on this ad previously on my blog. Although I think it's amusing (mainly because I've met girls just like the PS3 girl), it is fairly insulting towards women (especially given the utterly vapid Wii) and has some interesting anti-intellectual undertones as well. Plus, the Wii girl just isn't that attractive, frankly. Baring skin doesn't automatically make someone hot. (Vacuous: check, insulting: check).

10. Monkeys make everything funnier. (Vacuous: check, insulting: no check).

11. Actually pretty damn clever, and good cinematography and recent movie parodies. Good job. (Vacuous: no check, insulting: no check).

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Yeah, the UCC ads are rather surprising. I saw the "Ejector Pew" one on TV a long time ago and was so impressed, that I immediately loked up the site. First time I had ever done that with a religious ad.

I like it when religions are more focused on community rather than doctrine. I was raised in my mom's church- a medium-sized, *very* liberal Presbyterian church. So liberal, that they've had a rainbow flag hanging outside the church for at least the past 5 years. I haven't considered myself to be Christian for a number of years, but I have still been to services a couple times and taught church school there only a couple years ago. (Though I was in charge of the preschool-kindergarten class, so there wasn't a whole lot of religious stuff going on.) Even now I still consider that church to be a good place to go to for support should I need it. The people there are open-minded and kind, and several have known me my whole life.

That's really what I think a church should be. Not a place to make you feel guilty and excluded, but someplace where you are accepted and can find people who care about you and can give you help if you need it.


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