Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There are these flyers around campus advertising the Anarchy Club, which is some club downtown I guess. What always strikes me as rather ironic is that they list the times they are open.

If the Anarchy Club were *truly* anarchist, they wouldn't have specific opening and closing hours. They wouldn't have a club, because there are the matters of rent, wages, inventory, etc. that are crucial to any business. If it was actually anarchy there wouldn't be any owners, proprietors, or employees. No one would go through the process of ordering liquor because that is a system of filling out forms, doing basic mathematics, utilizing the postal system, and exchanging currency. There would be no currency, because that is a system with rules under the jurisdiction of a government or other organization. There would be no liquor, because how many anarchists would spend their time working at a brewery to produce alcohol for the consumption of other people? None. They'd probably spend their time getting high, having sex, looting food and electronics (the latter which wouldn't work anyway because who's gonna work at the power plants?), and building forts out of living room furniture or whatever anarchists do in their endless free time.

If the country or world disintegrated into anarchy it would only take a few years for massive famine or widespread violence to wipe out a great percentage of the population. You may work to grow food to keep yourself alive, but thousands of hungry, lazy bastards are just going to kill you and take the food for themselves. And guess what? They'll be no police force, no military, no hired bodyguards to prevent you from dying of rectal bleeding or however those murderous anarchists decide to snuff you.

But, I guarantee you, some new systems will soon rise up. Either small- or large-scale organizations that will gain power through violence or the hoarding and distribution of food and/or weapons. A brutal system of opportunists collecting resources to buy loyalty or favors from others.

Believing that anarchy would work is an ignorant and short-term view. Disorder will always reassemble itself into a system; order is inevitable.

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At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Cerebral Cortex said...

If you think about it, the whole concept of ever having a total lack of order is meaningless. Even a single person living alone is going to exist in a world with some sort of order. Even a world based upon total disorder has the order of that property driving it. The only real way to have total disorder is to have all of the energy in the universe in a state of maximum entropy. But then life wouldn't be possible. Anarchy is a silly proposition indeed.

At 2:21 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Yes. The fact that molecules have arranged enough for us to converse on this topic pretty much makes the argument for anarchy moot.


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