Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Amusing, weird, and cool things

Check out the newest lists at 5ives. I especially like the "Five things you did while MySpace was down" list. Emo-bashing is always fun!

I've been scouring the Net for free crochet paterns lately. I somehow managed to stumble across this. (Scroll down to the second picture; it's even better than the first.) What is more strange: the fact that this woman created this pattern as a gift to her father.

I was reading reviews of Korean films yesterday when I came across this description of a film entitled "The Way Home." This paragraph in the review written by Darcy Paquet impressed me:
The film was shot in a remote village of only eight households, with amateur actors taking all the roles save that of the young boy. Kim Ul-boon, the woman who plays the grandmother, was scouted from another village when the director spotted her walking down the road. Having never seen a movie before in her life, she nonetheless proved to be a talented and devoted actress, and she has since become a minor celebrity.

Yup. There is quite a difference between American and foreign films.



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