Friday, September 15, 2006


Just sat through New World. Synopsis:
Smith (Farrell): Mumblemumble. Mumbly mum-mumble.
Marie's translation: "I am in an art film. My lines are uber-poetic. It doesn't matter whether you can understand me or not."
Pocahontas (Kilcher): O, Mother, show me the path I must follow. I must borrow your strength because I have none of my own.
Marie's translation: "I am the only female eye candy in this film! My career is so going to take off now!
Rolfe (Bale): Mumblemumble. She would stay silent for hours at a time.
Marie's translation: I too can monologue! My character is the rebound guy. Watch me angst.

For me, New World is Master and Commander (i.e. boring, confusing, unintelligible) just with better scenery.

But here is something that didn't put me to sleep: Dino Comics #846. I'd totally start doing this, except I only write checks maybe three times a year and to the university.

I'm tired. Stayed up past two last night, packed more stuff today, and am moving back onto campus tomorrow.



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