Monday, May 08, 2006


Download some music by Hörstreich, a German punk band. I really like the lyrics to "Rat Race" and "Rain and Sunshine".

rat race

pretend that its alright - get in line for the rat race
you're running out of time for a dime without a handshake

aim for doggies life. give a smile for a soul's sake
stop this crap. this is getting too hot. this is hell

compete in every way in a dull machine behaviour
finish every day and get settled for a breakdown

life is not a game it's a man with a shotgun
the shortcut lane as a permanent strain

every morning glory every day
sets off just the same old story right again.

hurray! a nervous breakdown - hurray! a taken brain.
hurray! no chance to slow down and no one left to blame

you can break the rules or you can sleep all day
stay at home, start a war and say that you're ok
if your mind's gone out for a holiday
you can waste your time and start to pray

we only want the strong. there's applause for the best scores
robots carry on accelerating a new work force

colours turn to grey disappearing as they close doors
no way in and no escape.

knock, knock, knock we all want our slice
fast-food-nation what's your price?
it's getting hot in this cage of mice
in non-interactive paradise

i won't eat the food i'm served
i won't teach the words i learned
the one-way-track from which i turned
won't cook the soup that they all stir.



At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for making a raket!
you rock!



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