Saturday, April 15, 2006

Life as a college student

Yesterday Curtis and I went to where Cristie lives and he made chicken. Well, cooked chicken. You know what I mean. Anyway, I swear he fell in love with the frying pan he used. He couldn't stop raving about it all night.

Today Curtis and I ordered Chinese food. All three dishes we ordered had sliced asparagus in it: the sweet and sour pork, honey sesame chicken, and beef chow fun. Strange. I'd never had Chinese food with asparagus.

Other than that (and some drama with one of my old friends that I'm not going to go into), everything's pretty much the same. Except Curtis finally agreed to bring his PS2 to SC, and its hooked up to my TV now. I'm finally getting a chance to play Sly 3! I've also played a bit of Resident Evil 4, though pathetic me still can't get past that f*cker with the chainsaw. (I got a chance to play it on New Year's Eve when I was at Anna's house. Her brother's friend had brought his system, so I got to try the game out. Unfortunately, the knack I seemed to have back then at executing head shots has abandoned me now.)

I'm looking forward to next weekend. Curtis and I are going down to his house in SJ. I don't know what we'll do; probably rent movies and get some good bread from the bakery.

I know; you'd think college life would have made my expectations for a "fun weekend" a bit more wild. Well, not every weekend can be like it that weekend up at Haji's cabin in Truckee with wine, 3-a.m. impromptu dance-a-thons, furniture blockades, and Vampire: The Masquerade role playing. (Yes, we're geeks.)

Hmm... but tonight something's going on. I can hear techno and a lot of people. Maybe I'll see what's up.



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