Saturday, April 29, 2006


Next week is midterms week.... Fun fun.

I finished playing the PS2 game "Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel." It was a short game (~10 hours), but it was fun. The battles aren't turn-based, and you can transmute barrels, lamposts, potted plants, etc. into weapons. Most of the weapons are useful- the gun and crossbow turrets, the swords and pikes, etc.- but some are just amusing, like the big stuffed cow driving a tiny car that blows poisonous bubbles while playing calliope music. And you can make lifelike decoy Edwards that walk around until they are attacked by enemies and turn into life-size bobble-head Eds.

I missed this week's My Name is Earl, but I was able to download it. Yay Mininova! I also am able to DL episodes of Robot Chicken from there. I love that show.

I usually don't care for religious TV commercials, but I think that the United Church of Christ deserves some kudos for their commercials. I think the UCC is giving a great and much-needed message. (Of course, not everyone will agree with me since I am an agnostic liberal.) I don't participate in organized religion, but I think that it's an important uniting force for many people; I only wish that religions would be more positive and accepting.

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