Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Video game music

I'm a big fan of movie and video game soundtracks. Here are of some of my favorite (and underappreciated) tracks:

"If You Still Believe" (Legend of Dragoon) Composed by Dennis Martin, Vocals by Elsa Raven.
One of my long-time favorites. Legend of Dragoon was a mediocre game, but it had beautiful cutscenes and lovely music.

"Greater Lights" (Advent Rising) Composed by Tommy Tallarico and Charlotte Martin, Vocals by Charlotte Martin.
I haven't played this game, but I heard the song "Muse" from this soundtrack and had to get the whole thing. Lots of choral parts on this soundtrack, which is my favorite thing right now.

Waiting for You (Silent Hill 4: The Room) Composed by Akira Yamaoka, Vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
This game has a lot of creepy techno. Kinda gothic in parts. This song is a live version, which I guess wasn't used in the game. I recommend the whole soundtrack.

"Like Lovers (Holding On)" (Titan A.E.) Composed/performed by Texas.
I just really like this song.

"Endless Love" (The Myth) Performed by Jackie Chan and Kim Hee-Seon.
I didn't know Jackie Chan could sing, but he does. This is a nice duet in Mandarin.

Music from The 7th Guest Composed/performed by The Fatman and Team Fat.
I played The 7th Guest before I was a gamer- this game came out in the very early nineties. And though I never finished the game (I was young and it freaked me out. Though if I played it now I would still be freaked out, 'cuz I'm such a wuss.), I used to put the disc in my CD player and listen to this long track (over 20 minutes and several songs) quite frequently. Since then, I'd occassionally get "Skeletons in my Closet" or "The Game" running through my head. When I found this track for download this morning I was so happy! It's really great music, quite creepy, and has some parts with dialogue from the game that's kinda funny.

Just for the hell of it, I'm gonna list some of my favorite game and movie music composers:
Nobou Uematsu (Final Fantasy series)
Inon Zur (Syberia 2, Prince of Persia Warrior Within + Two Thrones)
Tan Dun (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero)



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