Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Black.White.- My thoughts on episode 2

Just watched the second ep of "Black.White." I think that the two women are simply blaming their differences on race- it's clear to me that a good portion of their conflict simply lies in clashing personalities. Of course, I still acknowledge the faux pas that the people have pulled (mostly the white family, but that opinion may be influenced by the fact that I'm white). Regarding the "bitch" issue... I just think that was a stupid thing for her to do. Sometimes it seems to me that the white family "learned" about black culture by watching the WB or something. I would never call a female aquiantance a "bitch" regardless of race; I'd have to be really mad or she'd have to be a really good friend for me to call someone a bitch.

The only people I really like on that show are the Brian, Rose, and Nick- though they sure haven't shown much about him. Except for that stupid charm school thing. (Yeah, like that is a average white-person hangout. I don't think I've known anyone who's been to one of those things.)

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