Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yay! Another meaningless update!

Some random thoughts:

Quail are cool. They've been hanging around the College Eight dining hall for a couple days.

It takes me months- if not years- to memorize numbers. I've only just memorized my student ID number, and have my apartment phone number written down on a piece of paper that stays with my drivers license and college ID card. I always have to consult that paper whenever I'm filling out forms. If Curtis is with me whenever I'm filling out a form or have to give someone my number over the phone, I ask him. He sighs and recites it with a fake look of tried patience, and sometimes says something lovingly condescending which ends in the word "dear".

A few days ago Curtis told me, "You need to get out more, dear." I responded with something like, "Next time I'll pull a few out of the closet where I keep 'em." This was when he was sick, and his mind wasn't as quick as usual, so I had to explain the joke by literally spelling out "DEAR" and "DEER."

My Contemporary Sociological Theory professor has the same white-hair-dark-eyebrows look as Sean Connery. I don't know why, but that has always disconcerted me. I'm not saying its a bad thing, but its one of those things that I always notice no matter how many times I've seen the person. Every time I glance at a person with white hair and dark eyebrows, I have a wordless thought of surprise that pretty much is like my mind saying, "Whoa! That man's hair is white but his eyebrows are dark! *shock*"

"I want some fun piled on a bun, I want a Manwich, please" sounds dirty. I dislike that commercial as well as its brand name.

This is an interesting article.

This show looks intriguing.

Stuffed animals I have in my apartment's bedroom: a manatee, a chubby penguin, a brown bear, a moose, and a small white bear. The chubby penguin has a tendency to perch on my head, but (for some reason) only when Curtis is around....

I love pillows. "Pillows" is my happy thought. I have four on my bed.

I love this game!

I have a test on Monday, another on Tuesday, and an essay due on Tuesday. Predictions: I'll do fine on the first (lit), bomb the second (stat), and do okay on my essay.

Recently read/currently reading: Eragon- Paolini; "Of Fading Suns and Dying Moons"- Varley; One Dimensional Man- Marcuse; "The Woman Destroyed"- Beauvoir; "The Method and Function of Analytic Social Psychology"- Fromm.

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