Sunday, February 26, 2006

Free Association

We've moved on from Simone de Beauvoir to Marguerite Duras in my Lit class. So far, I've kinda been disappointed with the reading. The Second Sex was interesting and had its funny moments, but She Came to Stay, "Marcelle", and "The Woman Destroyed" were repetitive: the main female character is an emotional masochist who neglects her own intelligence and puts all her energy into promoting the genius of a male lover, who turns out to not be a genius and leaves her for another woman. Then she goes into a depressing identity crisis, as her entire self-image was based upon her role as Mr. So-and-so's Woman, and she just whines about how that man took the best years of her life. Plus, the main characters are arrogant and condescending toward other women.

Recent virals/podcasts/music videos I've seen: Ask A Ninja- Do ninjas get colds?, SNL's "Chicken of the Sea" sketch, Milla Jovovich music video.

Movies I've seen lately: several Firefly episodes, Dragonhead, Chronicles of Riddick, and most of Grizzly Man. (There are times when that guy just seemed so... emo. I laughed.)

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