Sunday, February 26, 2006

Free Association

We've moved on from Simone de Beauvoir to Marguerite Duras in my Lit class. So far, I've kinda been disappointed with the reading. The Second Sex was interesting and had its funny moments, but She Came to Stay, "Marcelle", and "The Woman Destroyed" were repetitive: the main female character is an emotional masochist who neglects her own intelligence and puts all her energy into promoting the genius of a male lover, who turns out to not be a genius and leaves her for another woman. Then she goes into a depressing identity crisis, as her entire self-image was based upon her role as Mr. So-and-so's Woman, and she just whines about how that man took the best years of her life. Plus, the main characters are arrogant and condescending toward other women.

Recent virals/podcasts/music videos I've seen: Ask A Ninja- Do ninjas get colds?, SNL's "Chicken of the Sea" sketch, Milla Jovovich music video.

Movies I've seen lately: several Firefly episodes, Dragonhead, Chronicles of Riddick, and most of Grizzly Man. (There are times when that guy just seemed so... emo. I laughed.)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy V-day

Sam proposed to Anna today! Happy news, though pretty much expected. Apparently, the first thing Anna said after Sam popped the question was "You're fucking kidding me!" But of course she accepted, and they were even more lovey-dovey than usual- though they still engaged in the usual number of petty, semi-serious arguments.

What I'm wondering is how they'll end up settling the last name issue. Anna doesn't want to take Sam's last name. She comes from a HUGE Mexican family, and Sam (from what I've gathered) comes from some mixture of Jews and Sociologists. Curtis suggested a compromise- "Guzlestein."

Anna, Sam, Curtis and I went out to dinner with Alex and Brenda. While talking to Anna, I pictured Alex performing the ceremony. Alex is working on becoming a pastor, and though he's a typical middle class white boy, he tends to use a mixture of real and impromptu street talk. Basically, the scenario I pictured had Alex saying things like "Hey, yo, what up ya'll? I'd like to read an excerpt from the Book of Luke for shnizzity about what my homeboy Jesus said." (Insert couple lines from the Bible)
"I know you two will be hella happy and shit and, seriously guys, I wish you the best. Peace out."

Alex has ended several emails with the term "Peace out" (which, admittedly, is somewhat authentic street slang (like I'm one to talk) ), but any credibility is cancelled out with the inevitable addendum of "God bless."

Seriously, though, Anna and Sam are both incredibly sweet and genuine people. I think they have a chance and offer my congratulations and best wishes.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yay! Another meaningless update!

Some random thoughts:

Quail are cool. They've been hanging around the College Eight dining hall for a couple days.

It takes me months- if not years- to memorize numbers. I've only just memorized my student ID number, and have my apartment phone number written down on a piece of paper that stays with my drivers license and college ID card. I always have to consult that paper whenever I'm filling out forms. If Curtis is with me whenever I'm filling out a form or have to give someone my number over the phone, I ask him. He sighs and recites it with a fake look of tried patience, and sometimes says something lovingly condescending which ends in the word "dear".

A few days ago Curtis told me, "You need to get out more, dear." I responded with something like, "Next time I'll pull a few out of the closet where I keep 'em." This was when he was sick, and his mind wasn't as quick as usual, so I had to explain the joke by literally spelling out "DEAR" and "DEER."

My Contemporary Sociological Theory professor has the same white-hair-dark-eyebrows look as Sean Connery. I don't know why, but that has always disconcerted me. I'm not saying its a bad thing, but its one of those things that I always notice no matter how many times I've seen the person. Every time I glance at a person with white hair and dark eyebrows, I have a wordless thought of surprise that pretty much is like my mind saying, "Whoa! That man's hair is white but his eyebrows are dark! *shock*"

"I want some fun piled on a bun, I want a Manwich, please" sounds dirty. I dislike that commercial as well as its brand name.

This is an interesting article.

This show looks intriguing.

Stuffed animals I have in my apartment's bedroom: a manatee, a chubby penguin, a brown bear, a moose, and a small white bear. The chubby penguin has a tendency to perch on my head, but (for some reason) only when Curtis is around....

I love pillows. "Pillows" is my happy thought. I have four on my bed.

I love this game!

I have a test on Monday, another on Tuesday, and an essay due on Tuesday. Predictions: I'll do fine on the first (lit), bomb the second (stat), and do okay on my essay.

Recently read/currently reading: Eragon- Paolini; "Of Fading Suns and Dying Moons"- Varley; One Dimensional Man- Marcuse; "The Woman Destroyed"- Beauvoir; "The Method and Function of Analytic Social Psychology"- Fromm.

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