Friday, January 20, 2006

Watch these and laugh. Laughter makes one happy and burns calories.

Last week the Colbert Report had the funniest segment- "Stephen Colbert's Balls for Kidz", in which Vermont bear hunters explained to kids why bears should be killed. (If you watch the show, or even the Comedy Central video clips, you know that, according to Mr. Colbert, bears are viscious and evil. Hence their frequent appearances on "The Threatdown".) While I sadly couldn't find a clip of that segment online, OneGoodMove, one of my favorite blogs, has a clip from tonight's episode in which Stephen Colbert confronts people who criticized last week's "Balls for Kidz" segment.

While I was searching for that video clip, I happened upon this. Of course, I had to pass this disturbing link on to you. (For those of you not brave enough I shall summarize: Colbert fanfiction, including a mature-rated story featuring Stephen Colbert and Bill O'Reilly. I must admit; I, myself, was only courageous enough only to scan through "Shorts Weather" and declined the opportunity to skim through either of the other stories.)

On to funnier (and slighty less disturbing) videos. I need to get to sleep, so you just get the links and no descriptions. If you're curious and want a good laugh, simply click.

Channel 101 has a lot of random funny independent television series. I've only seen a few, but recommend Brently and Mrs. Gould, Six Months to Live (crude humor warning), and Adventutous und Magick Haus.

I highly recommend The 'Bu, parody of The O.C. (I'm assuming, since I've never watched The O.C.) which I discovered a few days ago on the site The Lonely Island. Much to my surprise, the next night I turned on Saturday Night Live and discovered that Andy Samburg (one of the guys of The Lonely Island) is a cast member. (I usually watch SNL reruns, not the current episodes or seasons.)

Anyway, I've gotta get to sleep. Luckily I have one (relatively) late class tomorrow.

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