Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Randomity

I finally received my new power cord for my laptop! *rejoices* I also ordered a couple DVDs as a birthday gift to myself: Dragonhead (which I haven't seen or read much about) and the first Battle Royale movie. I finished reading the BR novel; it's different from the movie, obviously, because it goes into better detail about (most of) the peripheral characters. Each POV shows the different perspectives and thought processes of the different students; some of them totally lose their grip on reality, some are arrogant, and those who decide to "play the game" have distinct rationales and reasons- like Mitzuko and Kiriyama.

I liked that Kiriyama's actions and personality, which weren't developed in the movie, were explained in the book. And Kawada (my favorite character, in the film and novel) had slightly different stories in each version.

I just finished reading several chapters from Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex for one of my classes. I found her style of writing to be quite humorous at times, as evidenced in one of my favorite quotes from her book regarding how culture and stories shape a girl's perspective of love and the role of the woman:
She learns that to be happy she must be loved; to be loved she must await love's coming. Woman is the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow-White, she who receives and submits. In song and story the young man is seen depating adventurously in search of woman; he slays the dragon, he battles giants; she is locked in a tower, a palace, a garden, a cave, she is chained to a rock, a captive, sound asleep: she waits.
...she takes delight in a masochism that promises supreme conquests. St. Blandine, her white body blood-streaked under the lion's claws, Snow-White laid out as if dead in a glass coffin, the Beauty asleep, the fainting Atala, a whole flock of delicate heroines bruised, passive, wounded, kneeling, humiliated, demonstrate to their young sister the fascinating prestige of martyred, deserted, resigned beauty. (page 291)

The blog Google Video of the Day brought my attention to a one-hour mockumentary called Auto Destruct: One Man's Obsession with William Shatner. Very funny, and I highly recommend it. But if you don't want to watch the whole thing, at least watch Warp Factor Love, the music video done by Auto Destruct's subject.

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