Saturday, January 07, 2006

Inspired by Monty Python

I've found a few great videos made using sound clips from Monty Python sketches and films. These are a few of the notable ones:

TileToad's "French Guard" and "Caerbannog". Sound: Holy Grail, Animation: The Sims 2.

Aawen Elliled's "Lumberjack". Sound: Lumberjack Song, Animation: Dark Ages of Camelot.

South Park's tribute to Monty Python. (Parody of "Dead Parrot" sketch.)

IronEdge's "Camelot". Sound: Holy Grail, Animation: World of Warcraft.

Snoken's "Mine". Sound: various, Animation: Battlefield 2. alternate link

I don't know where this clip originally came from, but it's very Python-esque.

And, of course, my all-time favorite sketch: Bicycle Repairman! alternate link



At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Aawen said...

Hello !! I'm Aawen !
thanks for linking my lumberjack video ! I made it a long time ago (2003) and the original site is always up at there is some other videos but nothing more about the monty pythons stuffs.
Bye :)


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