Friday, December 30, 2005

Not much happening

I'm still enjoying my vacation at home. Which consists mostly of sleeping, being online, downloading scanlated manga, eating, and watching movies. Basically, stuff I've done during the last quarter of school, but with no homework and classes and more sleeping and movies.

I've gotten sucked into Death Note, a manga starring a shinigami (god of death), a schoolboy on a supernatural killing spree, and the elite dectective "L" who is trying to catch the killer known as "Kira". It's fun. And eevviill.

For all those interested in old movies, there are hundreds of films in the public domain available online for free.

I also found a site that streams scenes from Bollywood movies. I have a feeling I'm going to love this site, but since the Internet connection up here is kinda sucky, I'm gonna wait till I'm back on campus to really check it out.

I also downloaded the cool Mac app Vienna, which displays RSS feeds much better than Safari.

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