Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"My Brain Hurts!"

I feel like a Gumby. My brain hurts and I feel stupid.

That's a Monty Python reference, by the way; not '80s-Saturday-morning-television Gumby with the red horse/donkey/thing.

I'm such a geek. I remember my first day at boarding school the first conversation I remember having was with a guy named Paul and we quoted lines from The Holy Grail for a really long time.

I'm making progress (slow and excruciating progress) on my midterm. The first essay (Bretton Woods institutions/debt crisis/book comparisons) is almost done. The second essay (transition from Keynesian to neo-liberalism system/principles of Keynesian economics/Keynes vs. Smith) is almost halfway done, as is essay #3 (IMF's structural adjustment programs). Haven't started four (Smith vs. Marx re: division of labor/specialization) or five (info revolution/industrial to information econs/neo-lib gloablization).

It's still due Thursday.

I was wondering earlier today: if I bribed people with a special "Webpage of Shame" (a secret link to a secret webpage) would people comment? I'm just wondering whether anyone reads this thing. Besides Curtis, occassionally. And Mike.

I don't really have much info to put on a Webpage of Shame, but I could make up some funny filler text. I just thought of the word "shame" because people are really interested in scandals, controversies, and embarrassing secrets. Look at the stupid celebrity magazines; no one cares whether Anna Nicole Smith got herpes unless it involved a famous married man, drugs, public nudity/drunkeness, chocolate pudding, the Pentagon, Anne Heche, and at least one farm animal.

That may be an understatement. I don't read magazines and haven't been to a grocery store in over a month.

Ow. My brain's still throbbing. I think I should take a break from staring at the computer screen.



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