Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's all about the love, baby

It's the last week of classes. I have a final at 8 am Monday morning, a take-home final due by Thursday of next week, and a project due by next Friday. Then I'll be going back home for winter break.

I thought that I loved my Mac. I thought my sister loved her Mac. I even thought my boyfriend's whole family loved their Macs. But our love pales in comparison to the love Daphna Kelfon has for her Mac. I mean, she wrote a song about how much she loves her Mac. It's fun, actually. Especially the international versions that have been made. Go to If you don't love your Mac now, you will after hearing this song. And if you don't have a Mac, the subliminal messages will convert you.

Just kidding about the subliminal messages. I think.

I found a great new site: It hosts international advertisements from various types of media. The Carlton Draught ad linked below is cool and makes me laugh (especially when the men are climbing over the barbed wire fence).



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