Friday, November 04, 2005

First Rain

First Rain happened last night a bit after 11. It's a Porter/Kresge tradition, though the other colleges get involved.

Basically, the first time of the quarter that it rains (really rains, not just sprinkles) at night, people will run naked around campus. It starts in the Porter quad, and they'll run around campus, gathering more people as they go.

I was surprised at how many people were running. Maybe around 20-30 students (mostly guys, but there were a few girls) ran up the street in front of my building. And my building is roughly equivalent to a couple city blocks from the quad.

So I stood out there with a number of other people, holding my mug of tea, and cheered as runners wearing only socks and shoes passed before going back inside, feeling thankful that it was dark.



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