Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Advent Children

I've just finished watching FFVII: Advent Children. Here are some of the most memorable moments, in my opinion (spoiler warning, though I'll try to keep it at a minimum):

Cool: Cloud has a Swiss Army Motorcycle. It will open up and the hilts of about half a dozen swords will pop out for his selection.

Annoying: The voice of Nanaki (Red XIII) was friggin' annoying and his few lines were random and superfluous.

Huh?: What's with the second series of credits? Sure, they're pretty, but why? And why is "ShinRa Electric Power Company" credited?

Funny: Reno and Rude were the obligatory comic-relief duo. Reno seemed much more incompetent and Rude much more chatty. This dialogue snippet is one of the several that made me go "Huh?" and laugh for no apparant reason:
Reno asks Rude whether the explosives they have are powerful.
Rude: "I don't know about powerful, but it sure is flashy."
Reno: "Oh, really?"
Rude: "You like that, don't you, pal?"

The best game flashback: Loz's ringtone. :D

The film's main focus seemed to be on the graphics. No complaints in that area; very smooth and very pretty. (With much greater detail than in the PSX game, it's obvious that Cloud and Zack/Zax don't have the same hairstyle. And that someone had played a prank on Reno by putting red paint on his goggles.) Character and plot development took backseat, with cool (if ridiculously gravity-defying) battle scenes riding shotgun.

Basically, I'm slightly disappointed. FF7:AC was basically action eye-candy. The fight scenes were laughable (Bending the laws of physics is cool, a la The Matrix or wire-fu flicks, but pretty much ignoring them all together is dumb.)



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