Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Who's the super small speck?!" Ed Elric.

I'm into the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist now. I've only seen the first dozen episodes, though. Besides Ed, my favorite characters are Hughes and Hawkeye.

The funniest parts are when someone calls Ed short. He gets really pissed and will say things like, "Who are you calling a runt so tiny that he can only be seen with a microscope you jerk?!"

There's a great website: NotAShrimp. (It reminds me of an old Cloud Strife shrine from a few years back that featured a list of clues that Cloud is a Jew.)

10/20: Addendum: Some shrimp-related quotes from fanfictions:
"Don't call me small or I'll break off your feet and stick them on your head!"
"Who are you callin a circus midget who could use a thimble as a boat!"
"Who're you calling so small eating shrimp would be cannibalism!"
"Who're you calling so small he makes an ant feel tall!"
"Who are you calling a stunted super freak who needs a ladder to touch the top of a four-year-olds head?"


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