Thursday, October 20, 2005

Web Links

Anti-Bush Video Game
Comedy Central Presents Pablo Francisco Google video. This is one of my favorite stand-up routines.
Daily Show: Laura Bush speech Mrs. Bush makes fun of the president too!
Darbonne Mordor MUD Text-based MUD I used to play a lot a few years ago. No one's on anymore. :( Cool artsy site with great music.
Dogpile Search Engine Great place to search for media. Badly translated English on Japanese products.
Godulike "An irreverent look at the faith industry."
Google Video Search Weird scientific research.
Inside the Gamers Studio Interviews with game characters.
Internet Archive Lots of stuff: old films, live music, books, etc.
Joy of Tech Apple-themed webcomic. Previews and some reviews of Japanese films.
Kanji Game A flash card kind of game for recognizing kanji and kana characters.
Kids in the Hall 2000 Have about half a dozen video clips. Canadian humor rocks!
ManiaTV Live internet streming TV.
Newgrounds Flash site.
The Onion Fake news.
Origami Boulder Company "YOU BUY WADDED UP PAPER NOW!!!!"
PostSecret An intriguing concept. (Mature content)
RuneScape MMORPG with a large free section.
Santa Fe Healing Art Cool flash art. Very New Age-y. I love the surfing bison!
The SNL Archives
SNL Celebrity Jeopardy All the videos.
SunDevil DVD A great site for low-priced all-region anime and Asian live-action DVDs.
VNL Streaming anime, videos, and Asian music. Free.
Waterman Toons "Hey, it's Speedy Gonzalez. He knows my sister." "I know everyone's sister." (from episode 1)
Yahoo Video Search
YouTube Thousands of videos.

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