Monday, October 03, 2005

This Entry is Brought to You By: "Procrastination: Screwing academic institutions over since 1532."

Yes, the 1532 is just a random number.

The beginning of the second full week of school. I have a "reading response" due tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. Just a small <1 page thing, but it's one of those assignments with a vague topic and two pages of instruction as to the style and formatting. This is for one of my two big 450+-student lectures. Thankfully there are the discussion groups led by the T.A.s.

Yes, the 10-week quarter-system is a bit of an adjustment. On Friday I have a "pre-midterm" exam. I guess the prof is just distinguishing this exam from an actual Week 5 Midterm.

My third class is small ("small" meaning roughly 50 students). Communication and Mass Media. The teacher's great. On the first day of lecture she told us that the first use of electricity was used to give an elephant the death penalty and the first household electic gadget was the vibrator. Yes, that kind of vibrator. Supposedly to keep us women mollified and to reduce our interest in participating in government.



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