Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tech Links

Gadgeteer: Gadget blog.
Gizmodo: Another gadget blog. Yay! More gadgets I can't afford!
I Love My Mac The Song: Check out the int'l versions.
iBush: Create Bush speeches.
Pixelgirl Presents: Desktops, icons, etc. Mac & PC. Collection of Mac & PC programs.
Techdirt: Because corporations are evil.
ThinkGeek: I'm a geek. I just can't afford to advertise.

Mac Programs and Developers

Adium: My Mac equivalent to Trillian.
The Daily Grind Network: Semi-political, semi-heretic, entirely funny. I sort fun quotes I find with Caboodle.
Ipse Dixit: They're Marxists! I love the "Fantasy Names" widget!
VooDoo Pad: Good note-taking program. By Flying Meat. I like their name.


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